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 "When Cole sings, it is as if he has encrypted subtle nods of respect to legendary rock & roll legends, like Jim Morrison, Brian Johnson and Sebastian Bach, who have clearly influenced Cole’s tonality." - Miguel Costa - Music Connection Magazine

Alex Cole is a rock composer who writes rock music in Los Angeles CA. His music is retro rock music. 

“With great charisma Alex knows what he does and did it immediately when he entered the stage with his live performance, with one of the absolute best performances during the Isola Rock Festival”. 


 Fresh and yet familiar, this music holds its own when compared against rock legends like Ted Nugent, Foreigner, Boston, and many more. No fluff and puff here; just solid tunes with great vocals, driving bass, classic guitar riffs and leads that aren't rip offs of any other guitarists.  

Bob Mizek, Chicago, USA

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