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"I was pleasantly surprised with the high energy show that paid tribute to the roots of Rock." "Wow! This guy is awesome!" Robert De Anda - BAH Magazine


When you hear Alex Cole it sounds like Classic Rock then you realize it's never been recorded before. Alex Cole performs original Power Rock music in Los Angeles

Alex Cole is a high-energy international power-rock trio playing original music that will sound new, but pleasantly familiar and will remind you of the classic rock bands such as AC/DC, Ted Nugent, George Thorogood, Deep Purple, Whitesnake, and ZZ Top. The way Alex attacks the stage and sends his dynamic energy out to the crowd is something to be experienced.


Alex Cole is a Rock Musician Composer who has made his mark on the Rock Music industry at an international level. Specializing in music composition, lead vocals, lead guitar and harmonica; he has become a leader in the cutting-edge music genre known as “POWER-ROCK". In the wake of Alex’s show, concert goers become part of an interactive synergy. The way he attacks the stage and sends his dynamic energy out to the crowd is something to be experienced. The vibe is timeless.


The power of his sound comes from the fingerpicking, bending, and tremolos, which give more expression to the phrase and allow the notes to be clear and hard, with a blues flavor. His voice is classically trained Baritone Tenor while being bold, dynamic and gritty. His lyrics are the emotional truth, passion, and raw storytelling. His vocal quality is in the vein of Ronnie James Dio, Dave Coverdale, Rickey Medlocke and Paul Rodgers. 


Alex is known for high-energy shows, greasy, fat guitar rhythm riffs and catchy, uplifting songs. His voice is the powerful melody. His solos are the soul. Alex's music will keep you in the groove. 

Alex reads and writes music and can also compose custom material for your film or television project. Consider his compositions for your T.V. sport tracks, action, suspense and thriller movies.


Alex grew up listening to American Blues and Rock n Roll. He started training his voice at an early age, which leads him to perform in clubs around Milan. One day, Alex went to record some of his vocal tracks with the well-known Producer, Enrico Santulli. It was during one of these recording sessions that Mr. Santulli placed an “open tuned” guitar in Alex’s hands and suggested that he should learn an instrument. Alex took the guitar home and began to study it. Two weeks later Mr. Santulli said, “you’re ready for your own guitar”, and together they went to buy his first electric guitar. Mr. Santulli then introduced him to one of the greatest blues musicians in Italy, Claudio Bazzari. For the next ten years, Mr. Bazzari was Alex’s teacher and trained him in the Blues, as well as other styles of music. He taught him to read and write music. During this time Alex was attending rock and roll concerts and became passionate about the energy delivered by these bands. It wasn’t too long before Alex started to develop his stage presence and to create his unique songwriting. 


2018: Global Music Awards 


2017 - Release of the new single “I’m Not Gonna Take It Slow"

2016 - Release of the new single “Strong Enough To Survive"

2015  - “Bad Boy Rocker” CD

2012  - “Hang On Tight” EP

NAMM 2019 - Endorsing Artist for EX GEAR 

NAMM 2018 - Performing at NAMM NIGHTS - House of Blues
NAMM 2017 - Allied Artists Music Group - new recording artist

NAMM 2016 - Bootlegger Guitars featured guitar player.


RECENT VENUES: Whisky A Go Go, Viper Room, House of Blues, The Mint, Rainbow, Paladino’s, Canyon Club and other well-known venues.



“ROCKERS AGAINST BULLYING” - Alex is united with “ROCKERS AGAINST BULLYING", a non-profit, non-partisan organization, that utilizes the power of music by collaborating with musicians, bands, and music industry professionals to help educate our society and raise awareness about the deadly behavior we all refer to as bullying. 


"ANAHEIM WHITE HOUSE RESTORATION" - Alex Cole played at the “22nd TASTE OF ANAHEIM” on May 11th at the Garden Walk, in support of a wonderful cause, to help rebuild the ANAHEIM WHITE HOUSE, which tragically burned down early this year. Chef Bruno Serato feeds 2,000 poor children from the restaurant's kitchen and has done so much for more than a decade. 


”ROCKIN’ FOR THE ARTS” - Alex showed his support for music education at the Burbank Music Academy on April 9th and June 11th.”ROCKIN’ FOR THE ARTS" strives to fund the arts programs for children's schools in order to stop the erosion of arts education and it's funding.


“HEAVY METAL FOR THE TROOPS” - Alex is united with “HEAVY METAL FOR THE TROOPS”, a fundraiser that utilizes the power of the music by collaborating with musicians, bands and music industry professional to help the military and veterans.


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